Our Mission & Vision


“To produce community doctors & researchers with scientific knowledge, competence and ability to manage patients with ethics and professionalism.”


“Improve health of community and social wellbeing by nurturing ethical, moral and competent health care professionals at par with international standards.”


In accordance with the spirit and teachings of Hazrat Bari Sarkar the objectives of our institute will be to create a doctor with the following qualities.

  • Momin

An Allah fearing Muslim who is well aware of the Ethical boundaries of Islam.

  • Mualij

Can apply the basic principles of scientific knowledge to provide care to sick and ailing patients. Also does research to become a better healer.

  • Ahsan

Motivated to achieve excellence in his education and profession, and do everything to the highest standards. He is a lifelong learner and perfectionist who has insight into his own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mohsin

Is beneficent and goes beyond his duty to provide care and services to patients and the community. Has empathy and the ability to treat people with respect.

  • Sabir

Has resilience and the ability to deal with difficult situations and uncertainty. Makes use of emotional intelligence and critical thinking abilities.

  • Adil

Prioritizes justice in all walks of life, and is ethical in his dealings with everyone. He respects diversity and inclusion, and provides care to patients from all backgrounds and cultures. Has the ability to take responsibility for his own actions.

  • Ikhlaq e Husna

Acts with kindness and makes patients feel at ease. Always asks courteous questions, and listens carefully in return. Has a good communication with patients and their relatives.