Ground Rules

Code of conduct

The college administration is committed to create a high professional and strong ethical culture to achieve excellence in academics. The college faculty and staff is struggling to build your bright future and seek your active participation for the successful implementation of the following code of conduct:

1. Punctuality is a key to success of all activities carried out in an academic institution. Therefore, all students are strictly required to reach at campus exactly at 8:00 AM. No student in any circumstances will be allowed to enter class after 8:15 AM. Those arriving later then 8:15 AM. will be marked absent for that period.

2. HBS Medical College is a “SMOKE FREE CAMPUS” and smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus premises. A penalty will be imposed on any student found guilty of smoking in the college premises including lawns and parking areas.

3. In order to pursue and preserve strong ethical and cultural traditions, the college authorities will take serious action on isolated meetings between boys & girls, objectionable gestures, hand shaking and physical contact with opposite gender. Those involved will be presented before the college disciplinary committee which will recommend appropriate action.

4. It is absolutely prohibited to shout, whistle and behave immorally and / or obnoxiously. Appropriate action will be taken in this regard.

5. There is a zero tolerance for misbehaving with a teacher or staff member.

6. Promoting sectarianism and partaking in any political activity in any form is strictly prohibited.

7. It is obligatory for all students to wear neat and tidy college uniform.

8. Students are not allowed to wear bangles and colorful jewelry or bands during college hours.